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Identity Theft Protection |MetLife Defender

How it Works

MetLife Defender combines real-time digital technology, highly trained cyber security experts and a four-pillar approach to offer comprehensive identity theft protection that can help stop threats before they occur.

Defender Never Sleeps

Comprehensive Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft and financial fraud are on the rise. Protect yourself with a service that covers all the bases.

Comprehensive Protection

Four-Pillar Approach

We guard over 25 pieces of data in four key areas to protect you from the full range threats:

Constant Vigilance

Always Scanning

Every day, Defender is on the job, searching the Internet to see if your data shows up any where it shouldn’t be.  Our 24/7 data scan helps us stay ahead of the curve and take immediate action if a breach is detected. In most cases we’re able to quickly correct the problem and save you from any problems down the road.

Always In Touch

Alerts and Notifications

With Defender on the job, you’ll stay informed through time-sensitive alerts and notifications. In many cases, once you receive an alert, we’ve already taken the necessary steps to eliminate the threat and nothing else will be required.